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Whistler Real Estate + Whistler Arts Council

During our exhibition, Whistler Real Estate will feature local artists as part of Whistler Live! Artwalk Inside. Come by our office at any time to view this amazing artwork.
Whistler Live! ArtWalk brings the works of regional artists to Whistler Village, the Upper Village and Creekside throughout the 2010 Winter Games with the help of the Whistler Arts Council. This free walking tour showcases the incredible talent of over 60 Sea-to-Sky Corridor artists and artisans in 44 host galleries.

For more information: Whistler Arts Council
Artists featured in our office include:
Chili Thom
Paul Morrison
Joan Baron
Brian Hockenstein
Simon Bedford
Jeff Boyce
Nick Vail
Andrew Bradley
Desiree Patterson
Elizabeth Swan
Maeve O'Connell
Samera Gibson

Whistler Real Estate + The 2010 Olympics

The Olympics are fast approaching and the world is becoming more aware of Whistler and what it has to offer. As a premium location for the Nordic, alpine, and sliding events it is effortless to appreciate the natural beauty of the village and its surrounding areas.
At first glance, Whistler is a ski resort offering year round recreational activities, unique shops, and fine dining. After spending time here, it is evident that there is a strong sense of community among its permanent residents and visitors alike. Whether it's home or an escape, no matter what is desired, Whistler will not disappoint.
At the Whistler Real Estate Company Ltd. we are thinking of what is expected in the future. We know that the 2010 Olympic Games will attract visitors from all corners of the world, but our goal is to help everyone experience the Whistler that is loved by so many. We want to complete your Whistler picture but to do this, we need your help!

We want to know what Whistler looks like from your perspective. What makes you call it home? It can be something as simple as the first bike ride of the summer, or as magnificent as Lost Lake after the first snowfall.
We want to know what your Whistler dream looks like. What do you want to take from your experience?

There are an infinite number of answers to the questions we want to ask you. Everyone will have different perspectives of Whistler and we hope to hear about them!

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What Completes Your Whistler Picture?